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Who We Are

Dog Scouts of America (DSA) is a non-profit organization founded in Michigan in 1995 by Lonnie Olson for dogs and their people. DSA is dedicated to enriching their dog lives and the lives of others with their dogs. The goals of DSA are to promote responsible pet parenting and the importance of the human/canine bond.

DSA Troop 188 began over 15 years ago when a group of pet parents were looking for ways to use the skills they and their dogs learn to help in their community.

DSA encourages interaction between people and their dogs through the many fun and educational sports and activities available to
dog parents in the programs and badge work offered by Dog Scouts of America.
The Motto for Dog Scouts is “Let us learn new things so that we may become more helpful.” The  dogs become more helpful because they have learned valuable skills and help within their communities.

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Our Mission: To Educate

At DSA Troop 188, we’re committed to education of our people, our dogs and our communities. The Dog Scouts of America website is loaded with information on how to be a responsible dog owner (a good parent and devoted teacher) and improve the relationship you have with your dog. Articles include training information for raising a new puppy, helpful tips on preventing or getting rid of behavior problems, and instruction and info for getting into dog sports and activities that you can enjoy with your dog.

Dog Scouts use positive training methods, and the national website ( has lots of helpful information on clicker training, operant conditioning, and shaping, and how to use these tools to teach your dog skills from basic manners to specialized training living our motto, helping our dogs become more helpful.  Our goal is to help every dog parent value their canine companion even more, and deepen the bond they have with their dog.

What We Do

DSA Troop 188 has a number of regularly occurring events each year then adds in other events that are based on interests and local happenings.  From hikes and visits to local landmarks, attending dog friendly events, educating local children at summer camps and scout meetings,therapy visits to performance and conformation shows you can find Dog Scouts participating. 

There are over 100 badges and titles to earn in Dog Scouts providing unlimited opportunities for learning and fun!  Just select the happenings that interest you and your pup. 

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