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Looking for something to add adventure, learning, and FUN to your dog's life?  Check out Dog Scouts of America Troop 188.  Similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in DSA Troop 188 your dog is the Scout, learning new things and helping in the community. We encourage our members to attend any event they are interested in and work with the troop, other scouts or individually on the many badges and titles available through Dog Scouts of America.  



DSA Troop 188, located near the Connecticut / Rhode Island border, is a member of Dog Scouts of America. 

Dog Scouts of America, a non profit organization similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, is a growing organization of people who care about animals and the society in which we live. The goals of DSA are to promote responsible pet ownership and increase awareness about the human/companion animal bond.


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Meet us at an upcoming event

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How do I join
Dog Scouts ?

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